Worner Bros. Video, LLC has been in business in the Greater Hartford area since 1986.  The company was named by the previous owner, Jay Warner.  The title was changed slightly from his last name due to Copyright infringements, but nevertheless, it makes for a great conversation piece and most clients never forget the company name.

We use 3CCD DIGITAL cameras and all of my work is personally edited by me in my studio.  Wireless mics are used on the Groom to capture those softest vows.  We also use Canon Digital SLR cameras with on camera flashes to reduce the intrusion of the Photographer! 
$400 DEPOSIT :

I understand that things are tough in today’s economy and I can sympathize with you as a client. This is why I require only a $400.00 deposit and your balance is not due until 21 days after your Event date!



One of my selling strategies is the fact that my turn-around time is fast and efficient.  I guarantee that your finished product will be completed and ready to be picked up within 1 month from your wedding day.  Please understand that I do not rush through the editing process.  This is my full-time career which allows me to edit your wedding while you are enjoying your honeymoon.  Another advantage to this is that your wedding day is still fresh in my head which makes my editing decisions more creative and this will benefit you as the client.

I must say that I truly love what I do and to me this is not so much a job but a passion.  Not too many people can say that they love what they do for work.  I have been blessed with a talent and I am happy that I can forward this talent to you as my client.

Sincerely - 

Scott Dery


860-589-6933    scott@ctweddingvideo.com